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Welcome to Performance Teaming, supporting your collective excellence through a full range of teaming development programmes and interventions.

Our team of qualified coaches, teachers, facilitators and assessors support your teams to supercharge their collective performance and wellbeing. We support teams at all levels of an organisation and in organisations of all sizes. With team coaches based across the UK and a global network of partners, we can help you wherever you are.


So, whether it's facilitating a strategic review, supporting team assessments, designing team leader or team development programmes, coaching teams through to Executive level or nurturing a Teaming Culture, we have the capability, experience and passion to help you shine.

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Is Performance Teaming right for us?

Whether it be within a work group, across functions or between supplier and customer, success in an ever-more competitive, complex and dynamic world is demanding extremely high levels of collaboration. Indeed, creating high-performance teams is central to creating a high-performance organisation.


For those wishing to power their organisation forward, investment in teaming excellence offers a fantastic return. However, while most organisational leaders are aware of the power of teaming, very few believe their organisations are very effective in this area.


This is reflected in Executive Teams, where research highlights that 80% are not fulfilling their true potential. As beacons of the organisation, any dysfunctions at this level are invariably mirrored through the organisation and so the loss of opportunity to create value is greatly amplified.


Typical Executive Team issues include:

  • The majority of time spent together focuses on actions and results (a lot of it on individual review)

  • Insufficient time is spent on creating the environment for high achievement

  • Little time left to explore key strategic issues

  • Individual executives do not feel understood or heard

  • They feel they are not given enough time to explore their own critical issues

  • Invariably they hold back, lacking the courage or tenacity to speak up

  • Many, going through the motions, do not listen or present in a powerful and engaging manner

  • Collectively they are failing to get the best out of organisational talent


Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way and with sufficient commitment and effort all teams (and organisations) can begin to realise their true potential.


Raise Engagement

Teaming builds shared understanding, supports personal development, nurtures belonging and promotes a deep sense of inclusion that raises harmony, wellbeing and engagement.

Boost Performance

Teaming underpins clarity of results and roles, makes best use of all resources and creates a sense of collective accountability that boosts performance.

Release Hidden Value

Applied throughout and across organisations, teaming unearths new possibilities, energises courage to step beyond comfort zones and releases, often huge pots, of hidden value.

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"I would suggest the key win was how to properly structure the business for the best outcomes, so leadership and decision making is cascaded down through the organisation.

The other point that comes to mind was encouraging us to try something – experiment – but be courageous enough to stop if it is not working, this gave us confidence to make some decisions that otherwise may have held us back. 
These learnings enabled the company to build both a resilience, which enabled a survival in the Covid 19 crises of 2020, and a confidence in a strong growth trajectory which we are experiencing as we move forward."

Managing Director, Construction Plant Parts Supplier, Hereford